Weekly Magazine 32

MET ArtA Redhead’s Seductive Splish Splash

Issue 223

February 2nd, 2009

July is a fresh face at Met Art. She’s a welcome addition to the stable of teen beauties hosted at Met. The model is nude from the beginning of the photo shoot except for an adorable pair of white stockings embellished with red hearts and satin bows at the thighs. A green ribbon adorned with a glittery charm is tied around encircles July’s graceful neck.

Skokov uses brilliant shades of red and purple wraps at the opening of the series to compliment the voluptuous figure of this model. The setting for “Magma” is a well-appointed bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub that’s an integral part of the gallery. July’s long chestnut-colored hair is styled casually into a pony tail at the nape of her neck.

July’s shapely derriere is the focal point of the cover image from “Magma.” The model is photographed in a standing position with her backside facing the camera. The teen’s hair is wet giving her a sleek appearance. Her torso is turned in a way that allows viewers to appreciate one of her breasts as well as her precious face.

The model presses the side of her face and her chest against the smooth ceramic tile in the first highlighted photograph. The tiles reflect a mirror image of the striking beauty. This photograph is truly an impressive exhibit of photography. Skokov’s creative talents are evidenced by this photograph alone. July’s gaze is penetrating. Her complexion is flawless.

A demure picture of July is presented next. The teen sits in the water-filled bathtub with her back against a tiled wall. Her face is lowered and she appears as if she’s lost in her own private thoughts. The model washes one of her slim ankles with a bar of soap. The positioning of the teen’s legs offers a view of the flesh between her toned thighs. It’s impossible not to take note of the model’s full breasts. July’s eyelashes are dark and lush. An expression of contentment dominates her angelic facial features.

July reveals her playful personality in the last photograph featured from “Magma.” The teen poses with her bottom turned to meet the eye of Skokov’s camera. Mischief is reflected in the model’s smile and eyes. July seems to be asking if someone would like to join her in the oversized tub for some playtime. Who could resist such an invitation from this seductive teen?

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